CAIRIS: Now available via Docker Hub

Running CAIRIS is now easier than ever

The CAIRIS Docker container

We’re pleased to announce that a CAIRIS web app container is now available for download from Docker Hub. You can find the container here.

What is Docker?

Docker is a platform that allows you to run containerised applications. In the case of CAIRIS, downloading and running the CAIRIS container means that all you need to do is follow our instructiond, point your web browser to the appropriate URL exposed by the container, and you’re ready to go.

Two words of warning before you start

  • The container is based on the latest development version of CAIRIS on github.

  • This container is great for evaluating/playing with CAIRIS but is not for operational use. The team is evaluating a more robust deployment option based on mod_wsgi, so look forward to incremental improvements towards a production-ready container for general use.

Bugs / Requests / Suggestions

As always we welcome your feedback. Please raise an issue if you find any problems or have specific features/suggestions you would like to see incorporated.