Live Demo

A live demo of CAIRIS is available to use on The username and password you need are test and test. Internet Explorer isn’t supported by CAIRIS. CAIRIS does, however, work well with Edge, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

The live demo comes with two example models: NeuroGrid and ACME Water. To open these, select the System / Open Database menu, and choose the model to open.

The live demo is rebuilt every night based on the latest updates to CAIRIS, so please feel free to add, update, or remove elements in the example models, or even create new CAIRIS databases. If anything is unclear, please take a look at the documentation. If anything in the documentation is unclear, or anything on the live demo appears broken then please raise an issue in GitHub and we’ll look into it.

Installing CAIRIS

You can find full instructions on installing, starting, and using CAIRIS on Read the docs.