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CAIRIS Live Demo


We’re pleased to announce that a CAIRIS Live Demo is now available for those interested in evaluating CAIRIS. To use this Live Demo, you should login with the username/password test/test.

CAIRIS typically points to a default database. However, as multiple people may be using the Live Demo, you are encouraged to create a new database when evaluating the tool. You can do this by clicking on the System/New Database menu, and entering a new database name. The web app will then point to your personal database, which you can open (from the System/Open Database menu) each time you visit the Live Demo site. Please note that all databases are visible to everyone.

CAIRIS is running inside a Docker container, which is re-built from the latest source code on GitHub each night. This means you should export any model you work with (from the System/Model export menu option) if you don’t want to lose any data you’ve been working with. The container itself runs on an Amazon EC2 T2 instance, so the demo may be unavailable if the available hours have been used up. If this happens, the CAIRIS docker container is still available for you to download and run. More details on how to do this can be found here.

You can find a number of sample models on GitHub. You can import these from the System/Model Import menu. Please note that every time you import a model, you will overwrite anything in the database you currently have open.

Although the CAIRIS documentation is still based on the desktop application, the way one interacts with the web app remains largely the same. We do intend updating the documentation to better reflect the web app at some point, but – as an open source project always on the look out for new contributors – we would equally welcome any volunteers who wish to take on this responsibility :-)

Please raise an issue if you find any problems with the Live Demo, or have specific features/suggestions you would like to see incorporated into CAIRIS.