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Rick is a clean-water plant operator, responsible for ensuring that water processed through the plant is in line with specified set-points. Rick’s area of responsibility extends outside of the confines of the plant to include checking on pumping stations, which feed water into the plant’s nearby reservoir.

During his working shifts (he works a 5 + 1 continental shift), Rick frequently checks readings on his SCADA workstation, takes water samples at various locations around the plant, and responds to alarms raised by the SCADA system; if necessary this involves investigating problems, and – if no remedial tasks are possible – calling someone out to investigate further.

At the start of every shift, Rick checks AJS to see what work he is scheduled to carry out. He usually updates AJS based on the work he carried out before the end of his shift. Rick also maintains a paperwork diary, which is updated after carrying out specific work or responding to problems. This, together with the status whiteboard, is also useful for explaining any on-going issues when handing over to the next shift.


Rick isn’t particularly concerned about people trying to hack into the SCADA system he uses. “The only way the SCADA will get infected”, Rick says, “is by an instrument tech plugging a virus infected laptop into it”.

Rick is aware of Information Security communiques on InfoPortal but doesn’t see how this is relevant to him. “We don’t have laptops”, says Rick, “and we don’t leave the site, so we don’t leave anything in cars”. Rick is, however, aware of Information Security controls. Rick knows that logout policies keep intruders from getting access to his workstation (although he thinks the logout period is too short given his environment), and he knows he can only access certain pumping sites via the telemetry system.

Although Rick can call an instrument tech for many problems, experience has taught him not to expect much from the ACME ICT support during a night shift. “What’s the point of calling up to say you can’t login at night if all you get is a reference number”, Rick complains, “that won’t help me start my pumps now!” Although Rick knows he can call out an instrument tech to help, he is also conscious that they are out most evenings, and might not appreciate a call-out for a corporate ICT problem.


Rick has been a plant operator for over 10 years. Although the exact procedures need to run his plant are documented in a works manual, he doesn’t need to refer to it. “I haven’t read the works manual in years”, Rick says.

This experience does not stay in Rick’s head. When problems have occurred, he raises these during team meetings, and any lessons learned sometimes find their way into the SCADA system as new functionality. Rick is aware of the new EnterpriseSCADA developments and possible improvements to the HMI and start-up procedure. Although not fully in the loop about what is going on, he hopes that, like the current system, there will be productivity improvements without an adverse impact.

Rick uses the SCADA’s trend monitoring facilities as an indication of possible problems. “If the trends freeze or flat-line”, Rick says, “I need to go out and take a look at what’s wrong”. Because problems occur daily, and he is often on his own, Rick can still control the plant using panel PCs at remote locations around the plant.


Because the water quality can change over a matter of minutes, Rick’s ethos is that you need to be ready for anything. Because of this, checking certain parameters and pieces of kit is an important discipline, as is logging important events in the works diary and on the status board; these aid communication to other shift members, and the eventual piecing together of the elements of an event.

Although information security doesn’t phase Rick too much, personal security does. Potentially facing off a scrap metal thief is a big worry for Rick. “The police don’t respond to intruder alarms at a nearby pumping station anymore due to false alarms”, says Rick. “Because of this, we’ve been told not to go out to these places on our own. We have a lone-worker system when people call us when we get to a particular station, but what happens if we get problems on the way?”


Rick has a basic operating knowledge of Windows; enough to carry out his day-to-day routines, check his email and navigate the main sections of InfoPortal.

Rick isn’t a power-user; he acknowledges that younger “whizz kids” are much more adept at using PCs than he is. Consequently, he only uses a subset of the desktop icons currently on his desktop. “I don’t know what these other applications do”, Rick says,”I’ve tried clicking on one and it just gives me a Data Protection Warning. I guess this means I’m not authorised to use it.”

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Document References

Reference Document Excerpt
Alarms designed around past experience Site knowledge GT concept Software people asked to set up alarms based on past problems forgetting about alarms.
Anything could happen Process impact GT concept Anything could happen: pumps could fail; water quality can change within 10 minutes
Bespoke systems harder to understand and support. Limited support knowledge GT concept Bespoke systems have problems that it takes a while to understand how it has been programmed.
Callouts occur for anything other than a basic trip. Alarm handling GT concept Basic trips can be manually reset but anything more complicated warrants a call-out.
Carries out tasks and records set-point readings Work routine GT concept Looks at tasks needed to be achieved in a day and set-points to be collected and recorded.
Checking certain things is a discipline Site knowledge GT concept Checking certain things e.g. coagulant levels is a discipline.
Checks take place at certain times of the day Trend monitoring GT concept Checks are monitored throughout the works at certain times during the day.
Copper theft Site threats GT concept Sites have been broken into to steal earth connections and put through mains to get at copper.
Corporate wifi insecurity InfoSec indifference GT concept The corporate wifi is not perceived to be secure as the access code is written down on a wall.
Drifting trends indicate problems Trend monitoring GT concept Trends drifting off are an indication that something has gone out of sync.
Environmental Agency carry out river monitoring External agencies GT concept The Environmental Agency carry out their own river monitoring.
Everything is logged Business compliance GT concept Everything that happens is logged.
Experience contributes to asset management decisions. Site knowledge GT concept Experience about what goes wrong contributes to asset purchase decisions via AJS.
Extreme scenarios Unlikely threats GT concept Scenarios of corrupt or missing files taking out a workstation are a bit extreme.
Failures often occur when seasons change. Hazards GT concept Failures often occur when seasons change.
Familiarity with colour scheme standards. Site knowledge GT concept People coming in from different plant are familiar with colour schemes.
Few SCADA to EnterpriseSCADA process changes Process impact GT concept Few process changes expected when old SCADA systems replaced with EnterpriseSCADA.
Hacker aware InfoSec communication GT concept Has read warning about people trying to hack machine on InfoPortal.
Hacking indifference InfoSec indifference GT concept Not worried about people trying to hack the SCADA systems.
HMI usability improvements Process Innovation GT concept The new SCADA system is an improvement because there are only slight differences to the MMI.
Infection only from engineers Island mindset GT concept A system only gets infected if an engineer connects their own infected laptop into it.
InfoSec communiques irrelevant InfoSec indifference GT concept Messages about leaving things and laptops in a car are not a problem; [we] do not go off site.
Lack of night ICT support ICT non-support GT concept Why have night support if all you get is a logged reference number; you cannot hand the problem over to someone else.
Line manager site authorisation Authorisation restriction GT concept Can only access sites they have been authorised to; permission for authorisation changes need to be sought from the line manager.
Lone worker vulnerability Personal Security GT concept Lone Working system is based on calling up someone when they get to a station; it does not help if you get problems on the way.
Many desktop short-cuts do not get used. Unexplained feature GT concept Most short-cuts and applications on the desktop have been around a while and do not get used.
Massive and uncontrollable water input Hazards GT concept It is not like a factory: it is a massive system with tonnes of debris that hits you all in one go.
Migration pending resources Interim Systems GT concept Old PC applications will be migrated to SCADA when time and money is available.
MS activities during start of day shift. Business compliance GT concept Management System activities are carried out during the first hours of a day shift.
MS workaround for intruder alarms. Business compliance GT concept Lack of police response to intruder alarms led to two-man requirement for alarm response.
Night shift tasks differ slightly from day. Work routine GT concept Night shift tasks may be similar but slight different due to SAS sampling
No alone out-of-hours visits Personal Security GT concept Never go alone when visiting a nearby site out-of-hours
Non-authorised applications cannot be run Unexplained feature GT concept Not being able to run applications means not authorised to use it.
Notes are easier to read and hand-over Works diary GT concept Easier to write things on notes. Also easier for person handed over to to just read the logs.
Only general work and failures are logged Works diary GT concept Supposed to write down everything but not enough pages; any general work carried out is logged - together with failures.
Operators know what they need to do. Work routine GT concept Operators come in and know what work they need to do.
Out-of-spec alarms precipitate TIS call-outs External agencies GT concept Out of spec alarms are picked up Telemetry Information System; these lead to a technician call out; independent sampling; log checking.
Periodic national security alerts big security worry GT concept Regular emails are received about things like the Iraqi Wars and terrorism; it then goes quite for a while until the next event.
Personal threats Personal Security GT concept Personal experience of being threatened when called out late at night and challenging intruders.
Physical and login security InfoSec indifference GT concept Once you are through the gate then security is the operator login.
Plant can be operated away from the control room if necessary. One-man site GT concept Can run things from the other side of the plant; this is necessary when you are on your own.
Process problems occur daily. Process impact GT concept Process problems occur daily.
Processes checked against spec Scope of responsibility GT concept Check the process and quality of final effluent meets critical parameters with EA specs.
Pumping decisions rain based Hazards GT concept Decisions to pump are based on the rain forecast.
Quick and automatic startup Process Innovation GT concept The workstation has been setup so as soon as Windows starts then so does EnterpriseSCADA (as a service); no user interaction is needed.
Readings are taken from SCADA screens. Hardware checks GT concept SCADA screens are checked to take readings about chemical dosing; iron levels; pH etc.
Records piece things together Site knowledge GT concept Records are kept to help piece things together when things go wrong.
Role restrictions Authorisation restriction GT concept Depending on what you are authorised to do - certain buttons for things like starting and stopping pumps will be greyed out.
Room for improvement Process Innovation GT concept There is always scope to improve and automate as we go along.
Shift based logouts Logout policy GT concept People want a shift based auto-logout feature.
Short auto logout Logout policy GT concept Automatic logout occurs after a minute or two of inactivity.
Site kept running at optimum efficiency Scope of responsibility GT concept Keep site running at optimum efficiency
Some plant operations are cheaper at night. Operational contexts GT concept Pumps are run from some districts at night because the electricity is cheaper.
Specific jobs are day shift related Work routine GT concept Specific jobs are assigned to the day shift e.g. ordering chemicals
Stand-alone SCADA Island mindset GT concept Systems are stand-alone because they are not connected a network.
Standards evolved over years Local standards GT concept Standards have been setup over the years.
Status board communicates problems Site knowledge GT concept Status board is used to communicate problems with bits of kit.
Tasks entered into AJS are captured by WMS Corporate interface GT concept Tasks are entered into Asset Job System are captured by Work Management System.
The works diary is a controlled document. Business compliance GT concept The works diary is a controlled document.
Thieves steal anything Site threats GT concept Thieves will steal anything.
Trends identify plant problems Trend monitoring GT concept Trends are used to identify plant problems.
Trouble-shooting driven by known task problems. Site knowledge GT concept Knowledge about coagulant problems leads to particular tasks being carried out e.g. flushing lines; to get everything back to normal.
Uncertainty about EnterpriseSCADA ability to support general operations. Limited support knowledge GT concept Uncertainty about EnterpriseSCADA capabilities towards supporting general operations.
Untimely logout annoyance ICT non-support GT concept It is annoying to nip downstairs and have to log back in when you come back.
Vandalism assessed and mitigated Site threats GT concept Vandalism has already been assessed and mitigated.
Water entering plant checked against spec Scope of responsibility GT concept Make sure water is in-spec coming into the plant.
Water is sampled throughout the works Sample collection GT concept All aspects of the water down in the works is sampled.
Water scheme is geographically big Water GT concept The scheme covers where water is sourced 40 miles away; it has a long way to get to the works.
Works manual is internalised Site knowledge GT concept Works manual has been internalised.

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