Google Summer of Code 2017: Project Ideas

Visualization enhancements

CAIRIS has the ability to automatically generate different visual models. These models are currently generated server-side using a combination of different libraries such as Graphviz and xdot. While acceptable for the CAIRIS desktop client, the resulting models look a little clunky in the web app. We have recently been exploring the use of D3 to generate models that summarise information about risks. The aim of this project is to refactor the CAIRIS web app to generate all CAIRIS’ visual models within the browser using D3.

CAIRIS for incident response

This project will extend CAIRIS to capture the elements necessary for specifying forensic-ready systems, and environments within which they are situated. This will include integrating CAIRIS with suitable languages for incident response, such as CybOX and STIX.

Improving CAIRIS' code quality

For a tool that supports design for security, code quality is important for CAIRIS. The aim of this project is to improve the code quality of CAIRIS. Students can propose projects that address this goal in various ways. For example, they can propose new test suites to improve the breadth and depth of our current testing approach. They can also propose improves that improve the compatibility of CAIRIS on non-Linux platforms, e.g. Windows and Mac OS X.

CAIRIS mobile web apps

The aim of this project is to develop a mobile web app that uses the CAIRIS API that can be used by security engineers or analysts to elicit security or usability design data. Such an app might elicit data about prospective assets, or capture information about tasks that people carry out with security implications.

Student Proposals

We’re interested in proposals from students that will extend CAIRIS, or apply the CAIRIS API in new and innovative ways.