Support for Word and OpenDocument Text specification generation

Document generation made even easier


CAIRIS has long supported the automatic generation of specifications. However, until now, complete specifications, including notation keys, models and images, has only been possible by generating a PDF. It was possible to generate a specification in RTF, but it was a painful process to manually create the model images as well; this usually entailed using SVG Crowbar, extracting images from generated PDF documentation, or going straight to the server to obtain the images used to generate the PDF.

As of CAIRIS 2.1.3, it is now possible to generate specifications as Word documents (.docx) or OpenDocument Text (.odt). Any rich picture, persona or attacker images will be included in the generated document, together with all the model figures. This means it should now be possible to edit and customise your specification using most word processors.

You can find more information on generating specifications in the CAIRIS documentation.

If you have requests for additional features you would like to see included in CAIRIS documentation, please raise an issue in GitHub.