CAIRIS 2.1 Release

Kill chain modelling, auto-enrolement, model sharing, and more

We’re pleased to announce the release of CAIRIS 2.1. In addition to bug fixes, this latest version of CAIRIS incorporates a number of new features

Kill chain modelling


CAIRIS now supports manual traceability from risks to threats and vulnerabilities. By modelling how risks afford new vulnerabilities and attacks, it is now possible to use frameworks like ATT&CK to not only model killchains but also all the things that are contributing to them.

Automated account registration and resets

In the past, adding CAIRIS users was something that could only be done by administrators on the CAIRIS server (i.e. by using or the quick setup script). Provided email is configured on the CAIRIS server, users can now register themselves or reset their credentials from the browser. Please note, this feature has not been enabled for the live demo.

Better model sharing

Until now, models could only be shared between users if (i) they used the same account, (ii) users exported the model and sent them to other users they wanted to share the model with. It is now possible for users to create databases for these models and grant or revoke permission for other users (registered on the same CAIRIS server) to use these models.

We hope you find this new release of CAIRIS useful. If you do find any problems, queries, or have requests for new features. please feel free to raise an issue.