Springer book about CAIRIS

CAIRIS book coming soon

Book about CAIRIS


Shamal Faily has recently signed a contract with Springer to write a new book about his work in Security-by-Design and CAIRIS. The manuscript is already under development, and the book should hopefully be published in 2017.

The book – Designing Usable and Secure Software with IRIS and CAIRIS – will show how design techniques and tools can be adapted and integrated to design software which is not only secure but usable in the many contexts within which it might be used. It will do this by presenting IRIS: a framework for specifying usable and secure systems, together with CAIRIS: a software tool that helps elicit, analyse, and manage the elements that go into a secure and usable system’s design.

This book will provide a step-by-step introduction to IRIS and CAIRIS, and provides examples where both have been used to build robust, real-world software.