Tasks model the work carried out by one or more personas. This work is described in environemnt-specific narrative scenarios, which illustrate how the system is used to augment the work activity.

Adding, updating, or deleting a task



Task traceability


Tasks can be manually traced to certain artifacts via the Tasks dialog. A task may contribute to an asset or a vulnerability, or be supported by requirement. To add a traceability link, right click on the task name, and select Supported By or Contributes to. This opens the Traceability Editor. From this editor, select the object on the right hand side of the editor to trace to and click the Add button to add this link.

Manual traceability links can be removed by selecting the View/Traceability menu option, to open the Traceability Relations dialog. In this dialog box, manual traceability relations be removed from specific environments.

Visualising tasks

Task models can be viewed by clicking on the Task Model toolbar button, and selecting the environment to view the environment for.


By changing the environment name in the environment combo box, the task model for a different environment can be viewed. The layout of the model can also be replaced by selecting a layout option in the Layout combo box at the foot of the model viewer window.

By clicking on a model element, information about that artifact can be viewed.