Roles represent the abstract classes representing human agents; these also encapsulate behaviours and responsibilities. CAIRIS supports 2 types of role: stakeholder and attacker. Stakeholder roles represent human agents the system needs to be directly, or indirectly designed for. Attackers are human agents the system should not be designed for.

Adding, updating, and deleting a role


Responsibility modelling

Responsibility models can be viewed by clicking on the View Responsibility Model toolbar button, and selecting the environment to view the environment for.


By changing the environment name in the environment combo box, the responsibility model for a different environment can be viewed. The layout of the model can also be replaced by selecting a layout option in the Layout combo box at the foot of the model viewer window.

By clicking on a model element, information about that artifact can be viewed.


Personas are specifications of archetypical users that the system needs to directly or indirectly cater for. The system needs to be specified for Primary Personas, but Secondary Personas cannot be ignored as their thoughts or concerns provide insight into potential usability problems.

Adding, updating, or deleting a persona


Recording persona assumptions